Wright Tool 9446 7 Pc. Ratcheting Box Wrench Set 7mm - 21mm (7-Piece),Silver

Wright Tool 9446 7 Pc. Ratcheting Box Wrench Set 7mm - 21mm (7-Piece),Silver

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• (1) 7mm x 8mm Wrench
• (1) 9mm x 10mm Wrench
• (1) 11mm x 12mm Wrench
• (1) 13mm x 14mm Wrench
• (1) 15mm x 17mm Wrench
• (1) 16mm x 18mm Wrench
• (1) 19mm x 21mm Wrench
• (1) 7-Pocket Denim Tool Roll

• 25° angle allows the user to reach tight situations without scraping their knuckle, and still proves the speed and convenience of a ratcheting box wrench
• 12 point openings are accurately broached for that perfect non-slip fit
• Reverse Direction by simply flipping the reversing lever
• Heat-treated and chome-plated for durability and appearance
• Made in the USA

• Dimensions: H 3" x W 3" x L 11"

Take on a multitude of applications with this 7-Piece Metric Offset Pattern Ratcheting Box Wrench Set with Denim Roll (9446). It includes 7mm x 8mm, 9mm x 10mm, 11mm x 12mm, 13mm x 14mm, 15mm x 17mm, 16mm x 18mm and 19mm x 21mm wrenches. Made of durable denim, the roll keeps your wrenches handy while serving as a convenient storage place.